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Arianna Fleur

Arts & Cultural Facilitator, Curator and Writer


"Without honest critique of our individual and collective perceptions, our biases and our unconscious (or even conscious) deep-seated beliefs, we will only multiply and reproduce the mundane and stereotypical output, which we ourselves inherited, or were enmeshed in, in our own subjective lives. The result is not only boring and narrow, but is nothing less than a disservice to, if not an assault on, society and culture at large."
Arianna Fleur has received degrees in Psychology and Visual Arts in NY and Vienna - the 2 places she equally calls "home". Her passions and work have spanned the fields of music, art, social work and education. Following her years of teaching at a Viennese bilingual high school, she was Head of Music, Film & Performance at the Austrian Cultural Forum NY. Returning to Europe, she took on the role of PR & Editor for Austrian Music Export, a subsector of mica.


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