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Bárbara Palomino Ruiz

Multimediale Künstlerin, Fotografin


Bárbara Palomino Ruiz is a Brazilian-Chilean artist. She studied audiovisual arts at Le Fresnoy in France and Visual Arts with emphasis in Textile Arts at the University of Chile. In her artwork, she focuses on multimedia media creations with a concentration on textiles and the relation between old and new technologies. Her artistic research deals with issues related to social productions of memory, affective cartographies, as well as fictional ethnographic narratives. She has lived in Austria since 2015, where she has complemented her own artistic practice by collaborating as an artist consultant on different audiovisual projects, as a freelance photographer and videographer documenting exhibitions, performances and other cultural events, and also as an assistant film editor. She has also joined the Golden Pixel Cooperative, engaging in participatory dialogues, curatorial work and actions aimed at fostering the encounter between different public spheres and the conception of more sustainable production, distribution and mediation structures.


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