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Gabriel Moncayo Asan

Kurator, Stylist, Critical Fashion Editor


Gabriel Moncayo Asan is a curator, stylist and critical fashion editor from Buenos Aires. He’s worked for Harper’s Bazaar among other publications, as well as Argentine luxury fashion labels Jazmin Chebar and CHER. He now resides in Vienna and aims to increase LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC visibility through his international platform. His most recent work is the curation of “My Beautiful Monstrosity”, an exhibition aimed to showcase queer artist and queer art based on the principle that auto-perception of queer is subversive by nature, a break from society’s norms, from what’s expected and accepted, breaking with the heteronormative binary narrative the patriarchy has imposed on us. Founding member of Jungblut, a collective focused on creative concepts to uplift and showcase new talents and unheard voices.


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