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Gin Müller

Dramaturg, Theatre/Performance/Queer Studies, Ar/ctivist.


„Theater als Diskussionsforum und Aktionslabor zur Erprobung performativer Handlungsmacht“

Gin Mueller is a Vienna based Artist and works in various fields as a Dramaturg, Theatre/Performance-Researcher, Teacher and Lecturer, Activist, Queer Performer*. His* work deals with specific political topics and collective formats on stages of theatre, public and activist spaces. Currently he* is involved in the project „Sodom Vienna“ (20/21), an activist and artistic campaign to proclaim in different formats of manifestations and performances a queer-feminist „Red Vienna“ in the Post-spirit of the 20ies.

Gin Müller was also part of the ar/ctivist collective “PublixTheatreCaravan (2001-05), and the queer Performance Band SV Damenkraft (2003 – 2008). Since 2015 he* worked for Queer Base (Welcome and Support for LBTIQ Refugees) in Rosa Lilla Villa. In April 2008 the book was published: „Possen des Performativen, Theater, Aktivismus und queere Politiken“, republicart 7, Wien: Turia+ Kant, 2008.


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