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Transnational Radical Diversity Movement Working Group

Trans Europe Halles

D/Arts, through Brunnenpassage, is part of a wide international network of grass-roots cultural centers. Fairooz Tamimi, a consultant for diverstity, culture and narrative change, initiated a movement within the network in order to think and act together towards reduce inequalities in Europe, in the cultural sector and consequently in the society in general, by making diversity the new norm. Representatives from the following organizations formed a working group and currently is writing on a Creative Europe application to kickstart this joint venture. Trans Europe Halles Network, Zö Kultur (IT), Subtopia (SE), MelkWeg (NL), Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (FR), Future Arts Centers Network (UK), Vooruit (BE), Brunnepassage – D/Arts (AT). The goal is to bring the network members’ collective creation power to tackle issues faced when working with diversity and social justice. This project provides a safe space for members to innovate, learn from peers, connect with a meaningful purpose, connect with others meaningfully and start a collective approach to work SDGs. This type of change will not happen in small doses. It is a radical change that needs to build from bottom up, in large scale and be daring.


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