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D/Arts Sessions

in Kooperation mit Depot - Kunst und Diskussion

D/Arts Sessions // IN ENGLISH

Vo.1 Practices of Care

Donnerstag, 27. April, 18.00

The new event series D/Arts Sessions takes a closer look at collective and community-based forms of collaboration. The kick-off is led by Marissa Lôbo und Denise Palmieri focus is on the aspect of care in connection with artistic work as a practice: In the lecture performance Curating from Cure Denise Palmieri levitates a healing vocabulary. She unfolds narratives and aspects of care as a collective practice.

The format Vivências, a project from kültür gemma! creates a space in which the difficult conditions of artistic work can be reflected upon in solidarity and mindfulness. Based on these experiences we derive how we would like to use the impulse for our own ways of working.

Denise Palmieri, performer, curator, board member VBKÖ, Vienna Marissa Lôbo, multidisciplinary artist, activist, curator, kültür gemma!/artistic director

D/Arts Sessions // IN ENGLISH

Vo.2 Community-based working

Donnerstag, 25. Mai, 18.00

The session, Community-based working, led by Sheri Avraham und Gabriel Moncayo Asan (ze_R0!Ayns) explores the transdisciplinary expression of collective work, as it can be pursued in a fluidity of formats. To avoid singular narratives of politics and history, we must imagine, examine, and experiment with different concepts of collectivity and tackle the possibilities of repeating mechanisms of exclusion by ignoring unequal power dynamics and privileges. Live podcasting by ze_R0!Ayns and students of Vienna Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights (Angewandte).

Sheri Avraham, artist, researcher, curator, performer, Vienna Gabriel Moncayo Asan, curator, stylist, editor, producer, Vienna

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