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The World of ze_R0!Ayns

Performance Instillation

30. August, 31. August, 1. September 2022

19-23 Uhr

Dauer einer Tour: 90 Minuten

Wientalterrasse 1050 Wien

Eintritt frei The world of ze_R0!Ayns is a collective imagination of a possible future. We asked ourselves how the world would look, feel or be if all our fantasies - our wishes as social, political individuals and communal will come true - how that will be or feel? In the performance instillation, you will discover a dis/utopia world told through their own perspective. The grand finale will take place in Viennas 5th district during the 30, 31 of august in our Austrian premiere. The performance installation will be an other worldly experience with unique texts, sound, costume and augmented reality. by and with:

Sheri Avraham, Nouk Baudrot, Bita Bell, Lara Bellon, Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Sarah Glück, Kim Groneweg, Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira, Mbatji Hambira, Ipek Hamzaoğlu, Isabelle Mezin, Theodor Moise, Gabriel Moncayo-Asan, Galo Moncayo-Asan, Martina Moro, Oliver Mathias Kratochwill, Joanna Zabielska. Film by @hamipeki

Costumes by @amaaena

A project by CLUB Havera.

Supported by Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport, Public Art Vienna, City of Vienna and D/Arts – project office for diversity and urban dialogue.

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